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What is The Matrix?

Very thought provoking post! A great read!

Jon Rappoport's Blog

What is The Matrix?

The Matrix is life without imagination…

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2018

Back to imagination. The fountainhead.

The thing about imagination is that it has no timetable. It isn’t on a schedule. You can put it on like a coat and move with it at any moment you choose. If you choose.

If you strip away all the layers from any system in the world, you find the original kernel of imagination. All roads lead there.

The Matrix is life without imagination. You can say it is imposed, but that’s a convenient excuse. ANY kind of life drained of imagination would wind up being a Matrix. All by itself. It would form into layers of rock and sediment.

People don’t understand this, and they don’t want to understand this. They would prefer to lay all the blame at the door of clever evildoers. Elites. Which, of…

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Is Vegas Shooting Latest Deep State False Flag To Destroy The Second Amendment?

Great video! Be sure to check it out. This latest shooting is very suspect to me.

Socio-Economics History Blog

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Wonderful post! A lot of good information on Kanye West and the crazy Kardashian clan!

In Search of Black Assassins



I just took a moment to recall a rare godly spirit and “TALENT” that stirs my very soul. They slayed the “BLACK DIVA” in cold blood as if she was a Queen Ahhotep I or Queen Ahmose-Nefertari- Spiritual Saviors of the People. Even before Aretha Franklin began to sing the opening national anthem Thanksgiving night at the Detroit Lion’s football game, my impression was that it was a trick from the beginning.


The NFL were well aware of her planned performance, and ability to perform. Aretha, once was also able to soar into other dimensions with the voice of God like Whitney. She was drugged and suppressed, too. Her spirit was dumb down, and her wings were clipped by CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH. German doctor, Dr. Max Jacobson claimed that his drug concoction was given to the

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FRANCE, Bastille Day ‘Attack’: 100% Staged False-Flag – And Here’s Why…

This is a great post! Some very useful information. Definitely worth a read!

the burning blogger of bedlam


So, so sick of this BS.
And I know I’ve said that a number of times before, so let’s just get on with it. Let’s just expose this latest staged ‘terror attack’ nonsense quickly and be done with it – so that we can get on with our day.

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Illuminati Card Game Predictions Coming True, What’s Next?

I need to get my hands on those cards! So much truth revealed in them. The elite love to tell us what they have planned. Are we listening?

Mission Galactic Freedom


I find this “Illuminati” card game  interesting. It goes in line with the rest of the potential material that is “predictive” relatively speaking. I am starting to consider that the ptb are seriously playing a game with humanity. All in the name of total control.  disturbing isn’t it, but quite accurate. Dont forget there are in all 526 Cards ?, They had this cards made knowing what they set out to do. Watch out for more Cards Becoming Real… Time to FAIL their Fucking Plan…

~ Galactic Human ~

Is the Illuminati Card Game just an innocent game created in 1994 by Steve Jackson, or an ominous and eerie predictor of future events?

Either way, the mystery, and yet at the same time the openness of the game has caused millions to questions it’s meaning for over two decades.

A new article by Realities Watch puts together 10 of the…

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How the media promote fake research on viruses

This is a great post on disease. A must read if you want to know about all this Zika hysteria.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

How the media promote fake research on viruses

—the playbook—

By Jon Rappoport

My readers know I’ve taken apart the ridiculous hoax called the Zika virus. This hoax isn’t limited to Zika.

So I thought I’d lay out the pattern the media use time after time, with these “epidemics.”

One: An outbreak is announced.

Two: Early on, a virus is named as the cause. H1N1. The coronavirus. Zika.

Three: The press uses statements like these: “The (virus) infection is spreading.” “New cases have been found.” “Transmission by sex is confirmed.” “Highly contagious.” “The World Health Organization has declared a state of emergency.” “A traveler from X, arriving at Y, was found to be infected.” “Carriers of the virus.”

These statements are meant to induce fear. They present a picture of motion and invasion. The virus goes from country A to country B. It’s on the march.

Four: Here is another…

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Why Chris Rock is Hosting the 88th Oscars Occult Megaritual

Great post! Worth a reblog. People need to get hip to gematria and escape the Matrix!


The occult megaritual called the 88th Oscars will be held on 2/28. OSCARS =21 and they come 21 days after Super Bowl 50 on 2/7. CHRIS ROCK =50 was most likely chosen to host the Oscars because he was born on 2/7 and is currently 50 years old, turning 51. The Revenant =51. The Academy =510. Eighty-Eighth =151. Conspiracy=51/123. Psychological Warfare =123. Eighty-Eighth Academy Awards =123. Eighty-Eight =123. Jewish Empire in America =123.

  • Twenty-One Days After =1440. Mark of the Beast =144 (sum of first 144 digits of pi is 666). Psychological Warfare Machine =144. The Festival of the Supreme Being =144 (which could be an alternate name for the Oscars).
  • Twenty-One Days Later =246. Thirty-Third Degree Master Mason =2046. Thirty-Three Degree Master Mason =2028. The Oscars February Twenty-Eighth =2208. And the Oscars held on 2/28. OSCARS HOST =822.
  • The Eighty-Eighth Academy Awards =138. Standup Comic =138. Master Mason =138. The American Dream =138. Mason…

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A very good post on the rap industry! It’s very well written. Great research!

In Search of Black Assassins

DRAKE, the False King of Hip Hop


The MOLOCHIANS, Odell Beckham, Jr. and ILLUMINATI Rapper Drake

The OWL is popularly associated with the Babylonian human sacrificial God Moloch and the Bohemian Grove. Throughout the generations, the Owlhas not been associated with the God Moloch-Molech– a figure representing a BULL. Some believe that the association between the Owl and Moloch had been established by the disinformation or misinformation of Alex Jones.[1]Alex Jones, I don’t go there. Nevertheless, it could very well be used as a sacrificial altar like that of Moloch drawn to a type of secret scale and proportions to call forth one of the ancient Great Mother Earth Goddesses like Isis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Aphrodite, Minerva, Venus, etc. that is represented by the OWL.[2]


Nonetheless, I wouldn’t take the Bohemians too lightly. These people are light years ahead…

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Ancient Egyptian Mythology: Nefertiti BUSTs a TAURUS MO[O]ve

This is a great post! An excellent example of synchronicity! Be sure to read the entire post.


The popular late 80’s/early 90’s haircut otherwise known as the “HI-TOP FADE,” or “FLATtop,” was first worn by EGYPTIAN queen Nefertiti via her crown. This haircut was mostly popular amongst men of the African-American community, as well as men of the Caucasian community around the same time. hi-top fade hairstyles of the 80's and 90's

hi-top fade haircutSource

The “Nefertiti BUST” is a famous sculpture featured in the Neues Museum (NM=Pi/3.14).

Bust of NefertitiSource

Bust of NefertitSource

BUST” was an extremely popular word used in song either by itself, or in an expression in the late 80’s/early 90’s. A BUST is also “a woman’s CHEST as measured around her BREASTS.” We hear this in Young MC’s “BUST a MO[O]ve” song. In the beginning of the video, we hear Young MC say “BUST it” (a verb meaning “to RAp”) just as a woman stands there…

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