Bio: I'm just a guy who has been "awake" for over fifteen years. I believe in the search for truth. I was very shocked to find out I've been lied to about pretty much everything. History books are full of lies and half-truths. And television has a lot of deception as well. You have to know how to decipher the real from the unreal. There is a lot of symbolism in films and television. But you must have a good eye to catch it. I love sharing information with others who want the truth. No matter how painful that truth may be. The quest never really ends. How far does the rabbit hole go???? But I'm not all gloom and doom. I do read comic books and like some films. I grew up reading comic books as a kid. I like the Fantastic Four,Black Panther,Superman,Aqua Man,Wolverine,The Hulk,Spider Man etc. I enjoy playing basketball,baseball,football,swimming and cycling. I have a lot of different interests. Just check out my blog and see what you like. Although I am into some conspiracy theories it doesn't mean I'm some kind of crazy I do my research and have over 300 books in my library. Books on,Black culture,biology,nature,cooking,US history,Hollywood,comic books,African culture,survival tactics and sports. I'm all over the place!

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