Looks like we have another incident of cops being shot and killed.  I saw it when I turned on the television this morning. This time in Baton Rouge,Louisiana.  We just had a shooting of cops last week.  It’s getting very hard to keep up with this madness.  It’s really getting way out of hand.


They saw there are two shooters on the loose as we speak. They say three s have been killed. I think the this is being staged.  Cops may have been killed but I just think these shootings are being orchestrated.  There are just way too many of them at the moment.  This is ” order out of chaos”.  I also believe the shooters will conveniently be black men. This way they can demonize black people and cause more racial tension at the same time.  This way they can have a reason to shut down Louisiana and maybe usher in martial law.  This could just be a trial run in one city before they move on to other cities.  Check out the videos and let me know what you think.  I think we’re all being set up!