This is a great video by PocketsoftheFuture.  I found it to be very educational. He helps you look at the bigger picture.


This is a video about the Dallas shooting by Citizen of Gotham.  I recently discovered his channel.  But he has some great information in this video.  I think you’ll find it very interesting.


Was the Dallas shooting done by a lone gunman?  Or were there multiple shooters?  This is a great video from the YouTube channel SGT Report.  This video raises some very good questions about the shooting.  The mainstream media is telling us lies.  They want Blacks,whites,asians and Mexicans to all hate one another.  They benefit from our ignorance. They want us to fear each other when in reality it’s the government and New World Order that wants to enslave us all.  These rich Zionist Jews own most of the media and wants us to fight each other and not focus on them.  The media likes to demonize one racial group then next month demonize another.  We are all being manipulated  and it has to stop.  We have to stop being sheeple and unite against this tyranny.  The elite doesn’t want us to use our brains and figure the deception.  Check out these videos and be sure to spread the word.  I feel as though time is running out.