This is a great post on disease. A must read if you want to know about all this Zika hysteria.

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How the media promote fake research on viruses

—the playbook—

By Jon Rappoport

My readers know I’ve taken apart the ridiculous hoax called the Zika virus. This hoax isn’t limited to Zika.

So I thought I’d lay out the pattern the media use time after time, with these “epidemics.”

One: An outbreak is announced.

Two: Early on, a virus is named as the cause. H1N1. The coronavirus. Zika.

Three: The press uses statements like these: “The (virus) infection is spreading.” “New cases have been found.” “Transmission by sex is confirmed.” “Highly contagious.” “The World Health Organization has declared a state of emergency.” “A traveler from X, arriving at Y, was found to be infected.” “Carriers of the virus.”

These statements are meant to induce fear. They present a picture of motion and invasion. The virus goes from country A to country B. It’s on the march.

Four: Here is another…

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