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January 2016

Why Chris Rock is Hosting the 88th Oscars Occult Megaritual

Great post! Worth a reblog. People need to get hip to gematria and escape the Matrix!


The occult megaritual called the 88th Oscars will be held on 2/28. OSCARS =21 and they come 21 days after Super Bowl 50 on 2/7. CHRIS ROCK =50 was most likely chosen to host the Oscars because he was born on 2/7 and is currently 50 years old, turning 51. The Revenant =51. The Academy =510. Eighty-Eighth =151. Conspiracy=51/123. Psychological Warfare =123. Eighty-Eighth Academy Awards =123. Eighty-Eight =123. Jewish Empire in America =123.

  • Twenty-One Days After =1440. Mark of the Beast =144 (sum of first 144 digits of pi is 666). Psychological Warfare Machine =144. The Festival of the Supreme Being =144 (which could be an alternate name for the Oscars).
  • Twenty-One Days Later =246. Thirty-Third Degree Master Mason =2046. Thirty-Three Degree Master Mason =2028. The Oscars February Twenty-Eighth =2208. And the Oscars held on 2/28. OSCARS HOST =822.
  • The Eighty-Eighth Academy Awards =138. Standup Comic =138. Master Mason =138. The American Dream =138. Mason…

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A very good post on the rap industry! It’s very well written. Great research!

In Search of Black Assassins

DRAKE, the False King of Hip Hop


The MOLOCHIANS, Odell Beckham, Jr. and ILLUMINATI Rapper Drake

The OWL is popularly associated with the Babylonian human sacrificial God Moloch and the Bohemian Grove. Throughout the generations, the Owlhas not been associated with the God Moloch-Molech– a figure representing a BULL. Some believe that the association between the Owl and Moloch had been established by the disinformation or misinformation of Alex Jones.[1]Alex Jones, I don’t go there. Nevertheless, it could very well be used as a sacrificial altar like that of Moloch drawn to a type of secret scale and proportions to call forth one of the ancient Great Mother Earth Goddesses like Isis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Aphrodite, Minerva, Venus, etc. that is represented by the OWL.[2]


Nonetheless, I wouldn’t take the Bohemians too lightly. These people are light years ahead…

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Ancient Egyptian Mythology: Nefertiti BUSTs a TAURUS MO[O]ve

This is a great post! An excellent example of synchronicity! Be sure to read the entire post.


The popular late 80’s/early 90’s haircut otherwise known as the “HI-TOP FADE,” or “FLATtop,” was first worn by EGYPTIAN queen Nefertiti via her crown. This haircut was mostly popular amongst men of the African-American community, as well as men of the Caucasian community around the same time. hi-top fade hairstyles of the 80's and 90's

hi-top fade haircutSource

The “Nefertiti BUST” is a famous sculpture featured in the Neues Museum (NM=Pi/3.14).

Bust of NefertitiSource

Bust of NefertitSource

BUST” was an extremely popular word used in song either by itself, or in an expression in the late 80’s/early 90’s. A BUST is also “a woman’s CHEST as measured around her BREASTS.” We hear this in Young MC’s “BUST a MO[O]ve” song. In the beginning of the video, we hear Young MC say “BUST it” (a verb meaning “to RAp”) just as a woman stands there…

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