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September 2015

The Brides of Satan-Video by Black Child

This is a great video exposing the illuminati sex slaves.  This video is by Youtuber Black Child. This guy has some amazing videos.  He exposed the Masonic Temple prostitutes better known as female celebrities.  The video talks about the “chair dance” that most female singers must do.  The video shows Janet Jackson,Madonna,Britney Spears,Rihanna,Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson.  I found it to be a very revealing video. I hope you like it!


Why the Bad Guy sometimes Wins

This is a great video by Paul Romano.  He has a Youtube channel with some great videos. In this video he explains why evil permeates the world.  He makes some good points about how it can be an opportunity to grow spiritually when evil is everywhere.

You Won’t Believe What The CDC Admitted To and Swiped Off the Internet To Cover Their Tracks! Millions Were Affected!

Great post on this vaccine madness that doesn’t seem to end. This is great research by Lisa Haven.

Lisa Haven News


By Lisa Haven

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) an agency devoted to saving humanity from deadly diseases has admitted to possibly infecting 10-30 million Americans with a deadly virus via a vaccination. Ironically the very company established to save humankind, is now killing it with a a polyomavirus. The rabbit whole goes much deeper than you realize and truth is often stranger than fiction. Here is the report…

What You Need To Know Now: 

On May 1st, Frederica S. Wilson, a Florida Democrat Congresswoman, introduced a draconian legislation that would send chills down your spine! If passed the legislation would require all public school students to be fully vaccinated according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The proposed bill is called H.R.2232 and rightly titled— Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015.

According to the bill:

REQUIREMENT.—For a State or a political subdivision or other…

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Virginia Shooting Hoax – FULL BREAKDOWN with JEFF C. Vester Lee Flanagan Shooting

This is a great video! It totally exposes another hoax. When will this madness end?

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